About us

Who We Are

Shane Rynkowski, the founder of White Rhino Home Services, has been working in the Environmental industry for over 15 years

and has been helping customers save with solar for over 4 years.

After witnessing how much typical large solar companies overcharge their customers, he decided to start his own company

not just for solar, but also for in-home water treatment. This way customers can get a great product, unmatched customer service, and a fair price.

We take pride in the care we provide for our customers and the environment.

What We Do

Tired of water spots on your dishes and glass shower doors? Afraid of calcium build up destroying your plumbing? How about dry skin and contaminants in your drinking water? all of these can be solved from one quick call with White Rhino H2O!

At White Rhino H2O, we believe everybody deserves high quality water for themselves, their families and their household. We have options ranging from Reverse Osmosis drinking systems, traditional water softeners, or entire house purification systems. We hold

a large variety of equipment with many different price ranges to ensure that regardless of your budget or your preference, we got you covered.